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What To Do With Back Pain? Here’s One Writer’s Answer

Back pain memes are on point. One of my favorites? “Welcome to adulthood, I hope you like Ibuprofen.” You can get a canvas print that reads, “My favorite childhood memory is my back not hurting.” Or you can sing the updated lyrics to the Britney Spears hit that go, “My lower back is killing me.” Perhaps most devastating of all is a photo of boys sporting the curtain bangs of my middle school years: “If your childhood crush had this haircut, you now have purse Ibuprofen and home Ibuprofen.” Ouch.

I’ve yet to find a good meme about the physical therapy bills that go with the back pain though, probably because there’s nothing funny about bleeding cash in a battle that you feel like you can’t win, but seemingly have no choice but to keep fighting.

Lower back pain is one of the primary reasons why people go to

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State health officer urges change in focus as pandemic wanes

North Dakota’s Department of Health and Human Services says state residents should consider a “back to the basics” health focus as the COVID-19 threat wanes.

The pandemic national emergency and the public health emergency recently ended, and the World Health Organization says COVID-19 no longer qualifies as a global emergency.

State Health Officer Dr. Nizar Wehbi said it’s a good time to focus on things such as early intervention and preventative health screenings, as well as programs and services that are available to support health and well-being.

“During the pandemic, many of us were deferring a lot of the medical need and preventative care,” he said. “So now it is time to go back and seek annual checkups with providers; preventative health screenings, whether it’s immunization, whether it is mammograms or other health screenings, are all really important in detection of these diseases or ailments, at fairly early stages, as

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Carrots To Spinach; 5 Vitamin A-Rich Foods To Include In Your Regular Diet Plan

VITAMIN A is a fat-soluble vitamin, which plays an integral role in maintaining normal vision, body growth, immune system, and reproductive health. Our body needs adequate amounts of essential vitamins to help in proper body functioning and maintaining good health. Adequate amounts of vitamin A in your diet can help prevent symptoms of deficiency, including hair loss, dry eyes, skin problems, night blindness and increased susceptibility to infections.

Benefits Of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for many processes in your body, including maintaining healthy vision, ensuring the normal function of your organs and immune system, and aiding the proper development of babies in the womb, states Healthline. It protects your eyes from night blindness and age-related decline, lowers the risk of certain cancers, supports a healthy immune system, reduces the risk of acne, supports bone health and promotes healthy growth and reproduction.

How Much Vitamin A Is Adequate?


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