Achieve Great Things: AGT Wellness Encourages You On Your Path To A Healthier Lifestyle

Heather Wilson, owner of AGT Wellness.

MINT HILL, NC – Heather Wilson, the owner of AGT Wellness, is a licensed therapist, professional trainer, and nutrition coach who overcame her difficulties with healthy living and was inspired to help others on their path to wellness. AGT Wellness stands for Achieve Great Things—and that’s just what Ms. Wilson assists her clients in accomplishing. She is the only licensed therapist, personal trainer, and nutrition coach in the area. In addition, her business is located near a physical therapy and massage therapist, so clients can easily access additional care needs while learning to live a healthy lifestyle with AGT Wellness.

The state-of-the-art fitness room at AGT Wellness.
The state-of-the-art fitness room at AGT Wellness.

Ms. Wilson’s unique mental health worker, professional trainer, and nutrition coach skill set allow her to provide her clients with a multi-faceted approach to healthier living. At its core, a healthy lifestyle involves a mental component, especially regarding behaviors such as creating new habits and making lasting changes. With her background in the mental health field, Ms. Wilson can assist clients in changing their behaviors while providing individualized exercise programs and personal nutrition coaching. This three-tiered approach produces more significant results than just going to the gym or trying a new diet. At AGT Wellness, clients learn to uncover the root causes of unhealthy choices and assist them in creating realistic habits that fit into their unique lifestyles. “I want to help people not feel so overwhelmed with the process of making changes in their lives,” Ms. Wilson remarked, “so that they can live their best lives now and for years to come.”

Heather Wilson led a <a href=meal prep event at Sunflower Club Cafe in February” width=”225″ height=”300″/>
Heather Wilson led a meal prep event at Sunflower Club Cafe in February

AGT Wellness also offers Meal Prep events and Wellness Seminars on mindset, goal setting, and various health and nutrition-related topics. Personal training sessions are private and are individualized to each client’s unique goals. Ms. Wilson is also a Certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist. She can provide clients with workouts designed for their limitations or injuries if they have clearance from their medical provider to participate in a physical activity program. Nutrition Coaching sessions are 1:1, in person, and are used to assist clients in creating reasonable and maintainable programs that evolve with a focus on long-term goals and sustainable weight loss. 

When asked what individuals could do to get started on having a healthy lifestyle, Ms. Wilson had three points:

    1. Get to the heart of why you want to get healthy. There are more underlying reasons than just getting in shape or losing weight. Getting to the root of your habits helps you to identify triggers and will give you motivation on the days when you’re having difficulty sticking to the program. Once you know why you’re making unhealthy choices, you can become more consistent with making healthy choices.
    2. To create new habits, we must prove to ourselves that we can succeed. Start with small steps that are easy to achieve (taking walks after dinner, choosing healthier foods at the grocery store) and build from there. Taking on too much too soon can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed.
    3. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Incorporating one new fruit or vegetable into your diet daily is a great way to start working towards a healthier lifestyle.
Meal Prep event at Sunflower Club Cafe.
Meal Prep event at Sunflower Club Cafe.

AGT Wellness is proud to be part of the Mint Hill community. The Chamber of Commerce and the community’s residents have provided fantastic support and have been so welcoming; Ms. Wilson is honored to have AGT Wellness recognized as one of Mint Hill’s up-and-coming new businesses. AGT Wellness would like to invite anyone who mentions this article to receive a free 20-minute consultation.

For more information about AGT Wellness or to sign up for a session, please visit their website at or call them at (980) 990-4002. You can also follow AGT Wellness on social media via Facebook at AGT Wellness or on Instagram @agtwellness.

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