Going to Boracay? Here’s what healthy people are doing on the island now

MANILA, Philippines — It has been five years since we bid goodbye to LaBoracay and embraced Boracay Island as a quieter haven for sustainable lifestyle and responsible tourism.

Sharing the islanders’ commitment to purposeful summers is Sun Life Philippines and its newest health campaign, Wheel of Life, which aims to inspire Filipinos to prioritize their health and help them pursue a healthier lifestyle so that they can live life on their own terms.

In fact, Sun Life held the Wheel of Life’s Pop-up Fair across the country this summer, offering free health risk assessment, nutrition counseling, diabetes testing and mental health check-in. Boracay was chosen as one of its stops, adding a splash of sustainable summer activities perfect for rediscovering the island.

Sun Life Wheel of Life Pop-up Fair

Sun Life Wheel of Life Pop-up Fair

If you’re planning to visit Boracay, here are healthy routes that Philstar.com tried! Reconnect with the island, embark on a soul-searching journey, or simply get more reasons to “Love Boracay.”

Healthy body

What happens in Boracay, stays in Boracay? In a good and healthy way, yes!

You’ll keep coming back to the island’s freshest catch and produce, the traditional hilot massage, infinity pools with a magnificent view of the cerulean sea and orange skies, the soft sand that makes walking less stressful and the relaxing sound of crashing waves for that much-needed white noise.

A paraw ride offers a great way to enjoy the calm waters of Boracay, and Sun Life has paraws in the island that offer a more fun and colorful way to enjoy this water activity. Lie down on the katig‘s mesh hammock as you watch the sun and your troubles disappear in the horizon.

If you spot Sun Life’s paraw, you also get a chance to win gift certificates.

Simply post a photo, video or reel on Instagram or Tiktok and use hashtags #SunLifePartnerForLife and #SunLifeInBoracay. Promo is until May 31 only. Don’t forget to make your post public!

Promo lasts until May 31 but you can catch a ride in Sun Life’s paraws until June 30.

Promo lasts until May 31 but you can catch a ride in Sun Life’s paraws until June 30.

Also take time to soak up the sun to lighten your mood, and flush out all the toxins and stressors.

We know all too well that Boracay is not all about night life and drinking parties. Occasionally, boutique resorts offer classes where you can master the meditative art of making tea with leaves, natural herbs and flowers.

Healthy culture

What better way to understand Boracay deeper than pay a visit to the Ati Village, the original inhabitants of the beloved island?

Hail the bright, yellow Sun Life e-trikes for an inland tour of the island, which includes a quick tour of the village and The Ati Village Living Heritage Center.

Ati Village Living Heritage Center

Ati Village Living Heritage Center

Get to know the adorable children who will welcome you with songs in English and Aklanon. Sister Elvira Oliamot, one of the village leaders, guides the youth within this community of around 50 Ati families.

Continue your land tour by visiting all the beaches and reefs apart from the crowded White Beach and immerse yourself in the beauty of the whole island.

From the picturesque Bulabog Beach on the west coast traversing to Diniwid Beach near Willy’s Rock, head north to Puka Shell Beach that is home to the remaining Boracay forests and endangered flying foxes.

Be in the shoes of the eco-warriors who are petitioning to save this ecosystem. Sit and eat with the locals. Hear the stories of the sandcastle makers and tour guides to inspire a fresh perspective about the island.

Sun Life e-trikes will roam around the island until June 30.

Sun Life e-trikes will roam around the island until June 30.

Healthy environment

Just like coral reefs, mangrove forests are silent guardians of coastal communities. They protect the shorelines while serving as a habitat to marine species; and without them, the shore will simply be an eroding swamp.

Next time you’re in Boracay, include a quick stop at Lugutan Mangrove Park in your itinerary.

Inspired by mangroves keeping the coast clean and free from pollution? Make your morning walks by the beach more worthwhile by picking up pieces of plastic trash on your path. You’ll be surprised by how many candy wrappers, bottle caps and other single use plastic waste you can collect along the shore.

Sun Life has been mounting multiple clean-up activities on the island since April, where everyone’s free to join. Plus, you even get Sun Life goodies and a chance to win amazing prizes. So volunteer at Sun Life’s final coastal cleanup session on June 10! If you’re a licensed scuba diver, join the underwater one happening on the same date.

(Left) Redesign Display and Sun RecyclePH Machine; (right) Sun Life Coastal Clean-up Session Briefing

Sun Life also brought Plastics by Manila Automat to Boracay to teach the locals to upcycle plastic and other waste to create works of art. Some of the produced artworks were showcased and were available for purchase at the Redesign Display exhibit in D’Mall.

At Boracay, rejuvenate yourself, immerse with the locals and take care of the environment. Your beautiful photos will just follow because you feel good from the inside and out.


For more information on how Sun Life can help you live life on your own terms, visit www.sunlife.co/WheelofLife. If you’re ready to kick start your journey to a brighter and healthier life, get in touch with the author or visit www.sunlife.co/TalkToAnAdvisor.

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