Inside Conor McGregor’s California training regime from late-night runs to healthy diet as UFC star’s comeback nears

CONOR McGREGOR has shared snippets from both his workout routine and his diet as he gears up for a return to the octagon.

The former two-weight world champion is planning on silencing the doubters when he fights for the first time in over two years against Michael Chandler.

He had a member of his team share this clip of him out running uphill around the boujee neighbourhoods of Los Angeles


He had a member of his team share this clip of him out running uphill around the boujee neighbourhoods of Los AngelesCredit: @thenotoriousmma
Afterwards he shared his post-workout meals


Afterwards he shared his post-workout mealsCredit: @thenotoriousmma
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Poached egg whites also featureCredit: @thenotoriousmma
As does plenty of salad


As does plenty of saladCredit: @thenotoriousmma
He routinely shares workout clips with his Instagram followers


He routinely shares workout clips with his Instagram followersCredit: Instagram / @thenotoriousmma

He’s long since fully recovered from the broken leg he suffered in that devastating loss to nemesis Dustin Poirier.

But age and rust will be working against him whenever his upcoming comeback bout does take place.

To combat that, he is working out at all hours as evidenced by this latest training snapshot where he is out running uphill in the dead of night.

He’s also supplementing his training with high-protein but low-fat meals like the ones above that feature a lot of lean chicken, egg whites and vegetables.

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However, for all that, he has been allowing himself more than the odd cheat day since he’s regularly indulging in boozy nights out.

Most recently he was seen swigging from a bottle of his own brand of whiskey while attending a bare knuckle fighting event in Colorado.

But while plenty of fans have grown concerned that such behaviour may mean McGregor no longer possesses the eye of the tiger and might already be half-retired, his upcoming foe doesn’t buy into that notion at all.

Chandler told ESPN MMA: “Every time he takes a sip, it’s not because he actually fiends for the alcohol.

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“It’s mainly because he wants to sell his whiskey and promote his whiskey. He’s a master promoter and self-salesman.

“I think we’ve all gone through seasons, myself included, when it comes to injuries or losing a fight, feeling like you’re down in the dump, ‘Okay, I’ll drink a little bit more, I’ll stay up late, skip a workout’.

“For him, it’s just building and staying in the public eye and drinking and being who he wants to be.

“I think regardless of his drinking to stay in the public eye, after a one-month or two-month training camp you will still get the best version of yourself.

“Luckily the body detoxes itself so I’m not worried about that at all.

“Whenever we fight if it is October, November then he has six-months minimum to clean things up so I am not worried.”

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