Your Healthy Family: Basic fitness

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May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, aimed at raising awareness about the many health benefits of physical activity. The Office on Disease Prevention and Health Promotion celebrates National Physical Fitness and Sports Month to also encourage people to get active using the Move Your Way® resources [] and interactive Move Your Way Activity Planner []. It’s also a great time to support youth sports participation using the National Youth Sports Strategy []. Don’t forget to check out these Healthy People 2030 physical activity evidence-based resources [] you can implement in your community. Lastly, share our list of MyHealthfinder tips [] to help people live healthier lives through increased physical activity.

I spoke with Kevin Roberts, who is a licensed athletic trainer and the manager of

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Infinitus Meets 520 Social Responsibility Day Goal for 5 Years, Promoting Healthy Living

GUANGZHOU, China, May 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On May 20, Infinitus hosted the 520 Infinitus Social Responsibility Day for the 5th consecutive year at Infinitus Plaza in Guangzhou, centered around this year’s theme, “You and I Together for a Healthy Lifestyle”. The event, broadcasted live online, aimed to inspire everyone to positively embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Huang Jianlong, CEO of Infinitus(China) and Vice Chairman of Si Li Ji Ren Foundation, delivers a speech

Huang Jianlong, CEO of Infinitus(China) and Vice Chairman of Si Li Ji Ren Foundation, delivers a speech

The event was jointly organized by Infinitus (China) Company Ltd. (“Infinitus”) and Si Li Ji Ren Foundation, and received special support from the Southern Weekly Philanthropy Research Center. It was attended by notable individuals including Huang Jianlong, CEO of Infinitus(China) and Vice Chairman of Si Li Ji Ren Foundation; Zhang Qian, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Media Affairs at Infinitus, and Managing Director of Si Li Ji

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The 4 Best Carbs for Gut Health, According to Gastroenterologists

Cutting carbs? You might be killing off some of your good gut bacteria. Find out why, then discover the best carbohydrate foods to eat more of to maximize your microbiome.

Reviewed by Dietitian Jessica Ball, M.S., RD

Whether you call it Atkins, Keto or simply aim to live la vida low-carb, these diets continue to be among the most trendy eating patterns in America.

Depending on which plan you follow, low-carb dieting entails restricting carbohydrate consumption to anywhere from 20 to 130 grams per day. For reference, two Medjool dates have 36 grams and one 5-inch sweet potato has 26 grams. Not taking into account any other bite you consume that day, noshing on either of those nutrition all-stars could already push you over your low-carb limit if you’re following a very low-carb plan, such as the keto diet.

Pictured Recipe: Gochujang-Glazed Tempeh & Brown Rice Bowls


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Pacers Take Space offers health care service at Grant Union High

The mental and physical health care services will be available on-campus at no cost to students.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — There’s a new health center for students at Grant Union High School in Sacramento’s Del Paso Heights neighborhood. It’s called “Pacers Take Space.” 

Grant Union High held a ceremony on Wednesday, unveiling the new center at the school. The purpose is “to disrupt the cycle of intergenerational trauma and poverty by providing students with access to mental and physical health care services on campus.”

“We are especially proud that our long-envisioned dream of a school-based health center at Grant Union High School has become a reality, thanks to the hard work and tireless efforts of the Neighborhood Wellness Foundation in Del Paso Heights, the Sacramento Native American Health Center and Sutter Health,” said Dr. Steve Martinez, superintendent of Twin Rivers Unified School District. “Our students at Grant will not

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You only need these 7 exercises and a 7-minute EMOM workout to torch muscles and build strength

 Woman in a plank position on yoga mat holding two dumbbells with her right arm outstretched overhead in a twist

Woman in a plank position on yoga mat holding two dumbbells with her right arm outstretched overhead in a twist

Did you know you only need seven minutes to boost your fitness and strengthen muscles? Of course, a one-off workout won’t transform your mind or body, but if done regularly, you could certainly witness brilliant results.

According to the WHO guidelines, we should all be clocking up at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise per week. That could be anything from a long walk to HIIT, circuit training or strength programs, done several times a week and however you choose.

At Tom’s Guide, we designed this seven-minute seven-move EMOM workout to target major muscle groups, including your core and upper and lower body, raise your heart rate and boost fitness. Here’s how to do it using a set of the best adjustable

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Keys to a healthy lifestyle

Experts say one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle is staying active at every age.  On today’s Talking Texoma, Chris Showalter is with Jerri Thomas from Presbyterian Manor.  Staying active physically and socially is very important at any age, but especially for those in their senior years. 

Deciding how busy you want to stay at Presbyterian Manor is up to you. They have a multitude of opportunities to stay busy.  You can work a puzzle with a friend, go to the exercise room, go on a shopping trip, or sign up for one of their symphony trips.  There are many things to keep you busy.   Nutritional food is also very important for seniors.  At Presbyterian Manor, they serve three, balanced meals a day.  It’s always more fun to eat good food, and eating good, nutritious food with friends is even better. 

Presbyterian Manor is perfect for someone who

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How 10 Popular Eating Plans Rank, According to Cardiologists

<p>Getty Images / miniseries</p>

Getty Images / miniseries

Fact checked by Nick Blackmer

  • A new review analyzed 10 of the most popular diets regarding their heart health benefits—only one received a perfect score.

  • Diets that focused on plant-based protein, fish, and lean meats as main protein sources were ranked higher than diets that included more red meat.

  • Experts recommend finding a diet that is healthy and sustainable to keep up; a diet you cannot stick with won’t get you very far, no matter what health goals you’re striving toward.

A new study analyzed 10 of the most popular diets regarding heart health benefits—one diet received a perfect score, with the subsequent nine ranging in benefit levels.

A different diet is trending almost daily, but if you’re looking to improve your heart health, which one do you choose? The internet and social media are full of misinformation that is confusing for consumers and patients.

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What to Eat This Week. Start TODAY Healthy Meal Plan for May 22, 2023

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You asked, we answered! Hundreds of Start TODAY members told us they wanted more healthy, balanced meal ideas to help them reach their health goals. This dietitian-designed meal plan gives you the flexibility to ease into a new year — all while learning the building blocks of healthy eating.

All of the world’s healthiest diets have a plant slant, and studies show you don’t have to give up animal products completely to reap the benefits of eating more plants.

So this week, we’re showing you how to create plant-forward menus without giving up animal foods, like dairy, eggs, chicken, seafood and meat. We accomplished this goal by packing the menu with nuts, seeds, beans, fruits, vegetables and whole grains — delivering the goodness of plant foods in everything

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Steps from George Floyd Square, a mental health treatment center will open

In the midst of a statewide mental health crisis, a large nonprofit is providing some relief, with plans to open a 13-bed home near George Floyd Square in Minneapolis that will treat people recovering from mental health emergencies.

People Incorporated, the state’s largest nonprofit provider of mental health services, said the home, at 3633 Chicago Ave., will open this fall and provide round-the-clock supervision and care for people who have suffered a mental crisis and require more therapy and other support before returning home. Patients experiencing a range of mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress, will have access to a team of nurses, therapists and social workers for up to three months.

The St. Paul-based nonprofit is buying the Victorian-style home from Hennepin Healthcare, which has operated a short-term mental health crisis center at the site since 2017, though care was limited primarily to those

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Healthy meal kits for weight loss and fitness-friendly eating

Close up, high angle shot of woman enjoying salad with multi-colored fruit, vegetables, and grilled chicken, with a glass of water by the side
Salad with Multi-Colored Fruit, Vegetables, and Grilled Chicken

d3sign / Getty Images

If you’re trying to level up to a healthier lifestyle, you’ve likely heard the news: Just exercising doesn’t cut it. A good diet is just as important as cardio or daily workouts, and some research even says a bad diet can negate the positive effects of exercise. 

But healthy, balanced eating can be a challenge. Sometimes you just want to steer clear of the kitchen and order takeout after a long day (we’ve all been there). One thing meal kit delivery services do is make it easy to stay consistent with your eating habits throughout the week. 

If your doctor recommends weight loss for a certain condition, or you want to make the switch to fitness-friendly eating, then good news: There are plenty of meal kit companies that offer meals (and even entire plans) aimed at doctor-approved eating

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