Workouts and Foods for Your Menstrual Cycle

There’s no sugar coating it: Our menstrual cycles can sometimes wreak havoc on our mood, energy and appetite.

For ages, women have been developing coping skills to manage the changes that come with their unique cycle. A more recent trend that promises to help is “cycle syncing” — the practice of altering your health routine based on your menstrual cycle.

On TikTok, users claim certain diet and fitness habits help them feel better during different phases of their cycle. One user shared that she enjoys walking and yoga during her menstrual phase, and strength training during the follicular and ovulatory phases. “I’m trying to listen to my body and do what I have the energy for,” she says in the video.

Another TikToker, who also happens to be a dietitian, shared a timeline of the most beneficial exercises to do during each phase of your period. Yet another person

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