AI Confirms Our Unrealistic Body Ideals

NY Post / Twitter

Source: NY Post / Twitter

by Heather Widdows, University of Warwick, and Jessica Sutherland, University of Birmingham

Last week the New York Post reported on what artificial intelligence (AI) purportedly regards as the ideal body type, drawn from the engine’s interpretation of social media (left). The article draws on the Bulimia Project’s research project Scrolling Into Bias which aimed to understand what the “ideal” body types promoted on social media actually look like. If you have spent any time on social media – especially Instagram – it won’t surprise you that the ideal body is one which bears little resemblance to how most flesh-and-blood human beings actually look. Even the most prominent action-movie stars rarely measure up to the gym-bunny, visible muscles which are on display: Both the ideal man and the ideal woman, as pictured in the post, have truly impressive six-packs. The woman pictured is particularly hard to

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