What To Do With Back Pain? Here’s One Writer’s Answer

Back pain memes are on point. One of my favorites? “Welcome to adulthood, I hope you like Ibuprofen.” You can get a canvas print that reads, “My favorite childhood memory is my back not hurting.” Or you can sing the updated lyrics to the Britney Spears hit that go, “My lower back is killing me.” Perhaps most devastating of all is a photo of boys sporting the curtain bangs of my middle school years: “If your childhood crush had this haircut, you now have purse Ibuprofen and home Ibuprofen.” Ouch.

I’ve yet to find a good meme about the physical therapy bills that go with the back pain though, probably because there’s nothing funny about bleeding cash in a battle that you feel like you can’t win, but seemingly have no choice but to keep fighting.

Lower back pain is one of the primary reasons why people go to

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