Tammy Hembrow flaunts ‘mum tum’ after backlash for unrealistic post-partum body

A fitness influencer who was slammed for setting an unrealistic standard for new mums appears to have clapped back at critics with a revealing new bikini video.

Tammy Hembrow came under fire for flaunting her six pack and slender figure to promote her fitness app just 10 months after welcoming her third child last week.

While the 29-year-old hasn’t officially commented on the backlash, she’s since shared a new video that shows her grabbing at her stomach and bending over to show little flesh rolls.

Fans of the fitness star, who has almost 17 million followers on Instagram, have been quick to commend Hembrow for sharing her “mummy tummy”.

“I love that you’re showing all of it! Let’s be proud and healthy even if our bodies are not the same,” one commended.

“The reality of having a flat tummy post partum but the skin is still there,” another applauded.


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Ben Lechter: The Holistic Fitness and Health Coach You Need

Ben Lechter is a name that anyone looking to improve their health and fitness should know. He is a holistic fitness and health coach with a focus on bio-optimization, nutrition, muscle building, fat loss, hormones, and kinesiology. With his knowledge, experience, and passion for helping people, he is the coach you need to transform your body and life.

Ben Lechter’s journey to becoming a fitness coach started after he graduated with a finance degree and worked on Wall Street in New York for two years. Despite being in a high-pressure environment, he learned how to optimize fitness even under suboptimal conditions and with little time. However, his desire to help others master their health and lives pushed him to quit his finance job and start his coaching business in January 2022.

What separates Ben Lechter from other coaches and trainers is his deep knowledge of all areas relating to the

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How Ryan Reynolds Got in Superhero Shape for ‘Deadpool’

MCU fans rejoiced earlier this year when news broke that not only would Ryan Reynolds be returning for a third Deadpool film, he’d be joined by Hugh Jackman’s previously retired Wolverine. The upcoming Deadpool 3 will reportedly see both characters catapulted into the main Marvel cinematic continuity via some multiverse shenanigans. All in all, it sounds pretty great.

But you don’t need to be a comic nerd to appreciate the pairing. Both Jackman and Reynolds are notoriously stacked making their inevitable muscle-bound face-off the most exciting gym-bro film since The Expendables.

It’s thanks to celebrity coach and fitness entrepreneur (and now Lumen ambassador) Don Saladino that Ryan Reynolds has been able to put the ‘super’ in superhero. Ironically enough, they were first introduced 14 years ago through Jackman, and have worked together on numerous projects ever since.

“We just hit it off, we had very similar fitness goals and

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