Public and private support for applied research drives innovation in Arizona

Arizona has the potential to become a leader in innovation and a significant contributor to the global economy. To achieve this goal, we must prioritize the correct processes. By leveraging the applied research process, we can create high-paying jobs, increase economic growth, improve quality of life, and enhance competition in the global marketplace.

Applied research is a vital part of the innovation process, as it leads to the development of new products, services and procedures. And applied research is a type of research that is focused on solving real-world problems. Typically, applied research involves the use of the scientific method and techniques, such as experimentation and data analysis. The results of applied research are often used to inform policy decisions, improve products and services, and advance scientific knowledge.

ASU, Empire Southwest, GoX Labs
Chris Zaharis

Arizona has been making substantial strides in applied research over the years with the help of organizations such as

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