People don’t exercise, eat healthy because they feel ‘too tired,’ poll says

Fatigue and low motivation are both leading factors as to why people say they don’t lead healthier lifestyles according to a new survey.

A 2023 online poll of 2,086 adults from the United Kingdom by YouGov on behalf of the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) was published Wednesday. That poll asked people what it was that prevented them from eating healthier and being more physically active.

“Lacking motivation” (38%) and “feeling too tired” (35%) were given as the top reasons why adults in the UK were not making changes to their eating and exercise habits, the poll says.

Adding to this, poll results nearly half (48%) of “younger people” (aged 25 to 34) answered “feeling too tired” as their reason while less than a quarter (23%) of those over the age of 55 said the same.

More women (40%) than men (29%) said that “feeling too tired”

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Ministry accentuates importance of education on healthy lifestyle

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture underlined the importance of strengthening education on healthy lifestyle to prevent various diseases.

“The ministry urges all ministries and institutions as well as regional governments to strengthen education and dissemination on the importance of healthy lifestyle,” Health Service Improvement Assistant Deputy at the ministry Nia Reviani noted when contacted here, Sunday.

She explained that cross-sectoral synergy, in knowledge, service, and education, will be the main foundation to achieve better results in preventing diseases.

Education and dissemination of information are necessary to improve the public’s awareness and understanding of the importance of healthy lifestyle and the importance of routine health examination, she stated.

“Routine health examination is very important as a form of early detection of a disease,” she remarked.

Leading a healthy lifestyle encompasses various factors, such as engaging in routine exercise; consuming healthy foods, with focus on

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