Mason Health Is Celebrating 55 Years in Shelton, Grateful for Ongoing Community Support

This year, Mason Health is celebrating 55 years of caring for patients across the Mason County community. Through changing times and expanded facilities, Mason Health has remained focused on quality and patient-centered care. And over the decades, Mason Health has also turned their focus to innovation, emerging as a role model for rural healthcare facilities in the region.

Karen Schade and Jennifer Capps with Chris Stark, who last year, accepted a plaque in honor of his father, Jack Stark, a long-time chair of the annual MGHF Quality Care Open Golf Tournament. Photo courtesy: Mason Health

Reflecting on their mission of empowering patients and promoting exceptional health, Mason Health is grateful to be part of such a tight-knit community. And this gratitude has only been magnified in recent times, as different facets of the community have made contributions that will benefit patient care, and help to tell the story of the

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