The Only No-Gym Workout You Need for a Killer Body

Most of us want to achieve a fit-looking body with defined muscles, an impressive set of abs, and the freedom and mobility to participate in the physical activities we enjoy. Regardless of age, routinely performing resistance training is the one tried and true method of keeping up with your physical appearance. However, going to the gym is a deal breaker for some. Whether you don’t live near a gym, don’t want to sign up for a pesky, pushy gym membership, or simply can’t stand being in a weight room, we have some good news. You can still get a lean body without actually stepping foot inside a gym, thanks to this no-gym workout.

You can perform the below routine anywhere you have the space. That could be your living room, backyard, garage, or a local park. Literally wherever you feel comfortable and would most enjoy exercising, you can hit this

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