Keys to a healthy lifestyle

Experts say one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle is staying active at every age.  On today’s Talking Texoma, Chris Showalter is with Jerri Thomas from Presbyterian Manor.  Staying active physically and socially is very important at any age, but especially for those in their senior years. 

Deciding how busy you want to stay at Presbyterian Manor is up to you. They have a multitude of opportunities to stay busy.  You can work a puzzle with a friend, go to the exercise room, go on a shopping trip, or sign up for one of their symphony trips.  There are many things to keep you busy.   Nutritional food is also very important for seniors.  At Presbyterian Manor, they serve three, balanced meals a day.  It’s always more fun to eat good food, and eating good, nutritious food with friends is even better. 

Presbyterian Manor is perfect for someone who

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