Madelyn Cline’s workout routine and diet after teen struggle

The actress is known for her gorgeous physique, but looking like that takes work. We explore Madelyn Cline’s workout routine and diet after she opened up about her previous struggle with exercise.

Many teens struggle with their appearance, especially since the surge in social media in the last decade. Not immune to it, celebrities are often open about tabloids and the judgment they receive and how it affects them.

One of which is Madelyn Cline, who has been open about her turbulent relationship with exercise and diet as a teen.

Now with a much healthier relationship, she’s revealed her workout routine, as well as her cravings for a specific take-out.

Cropped Getty Image of Madelyn Cline at Met Gala 2023 wearing black and silver dress with hair in low ponytail
Credit: Getty Imges

Madelyn Cline once struggled with her body image

Unfortunately, body image issues are quite common, especially in young women. But the more health is discussed, the more something can be done to address the problems that

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