Mike Tyson Shared What He’s Heard About Jamie Foxx’s Serious Health Situation As More Speculation Emerges

 Jamie Foxx in Baby Driver

Jamie Foxx in Baby Driver

Actor Jamie Foxx has been through some sort of significant “medical complication” recently, but there’s not a lot that we know about what happened or the actor’s current condition. While a recent statement from Foxx’s daughter indicated the actor was doing better, a new report claims Foxx is currently in a rehab facility and Mike Tyson is claiming that he’s “not feeling well,” but things may still be quite serious.

Tyson, who is set to be played by Foxx in an upcoming project, recently appeared on the PBD Podcast (via Page Six) where the former boxing champ relayed what information he had about the Foxx situation. While Tyson made it clear that he wasn’t sure his information was accurate, he says his understanding was that Foxx may have suffered a stroke. Tyson said simply…

He’s not feeling well. They said

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