Ending violence by prioritizing mental health, school safety

One year ago, a small, rural community of about 15,000 people experienced the deadliest school shooting in Texas history. As Uvalde mourns the loss of 19 children and two teachers, we are called to address the mass shootings that have plagued our nation.

As a father of six children, I feel deeply for the survivors who lost loved ones on May 24, 2022. As a 20-year U.S. Navy veteran, I shudder to think of the war zone that erupted at Robb Elementary School. As the congressional representative for Uvalde, San Antonio and El Paso, I take seriously my obligation to put an end to this violence — and I’m leading the fight in Washington, D.C., to do that.

COMMENTARY: After trauma, hope is necessary for healing

While our political climate has become more divisive, the love of our children unites us. Following the tragedy in Uvalde, I joined Republicans and

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Mental health services expanding in Windsor-Essex

A private business and the local branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) are both offering more help “to make that connection.”

Mental Health First Aid:

TRAINING: Mental Health First Aid – CMHA Windsor-Essex County

The CMHA-WECB is offering training for mental health first aid.

“We understand how to deal with individuals who have a physical health crisis, right?” says Carrie Davis, workplace outreach worker. “(But) we don’t often understand how to support those individuals (who are struggling with mental health).”

Over a seven-hour course participants will learn how to identify a decline or crisis in mental health.

“And then it also teaches us how to talk to them about supports – professional or other supports, as well as how to connect with those resources to help them on the road to recovery,” says Davis.

CMHA officials say statistically, one in

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Ways to increase your mental health this May

CHILLICOTHE— May is Mental Health Awareness Month and is a time when it is recommended to examine yourself and your mental health. Several things, both genetically and environmentally, can impact a person’s mental health throughout life in either a positive or negative manner. Local therapists have collected several tips and tricks that can help people increase their mental health this month.

Learn about mental health

Before bettering your mental health Lesha Malone from Whole Life Counseling said it is important to understand what mental health is and what it encompasses biologically, socially, psychologically and spiritually. She said that often people will focus on one aspect of mental health but not the others, which eventually leads to another decline. She said it is important to focus on all aspects of mental health in order to make a difference.

Dr. Cathy McDaniels Wilson from the Adena Counseling Center also recommends learning about

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Mental health crisis center opening in downtown Grand Rapids will fill ‘critical gap’

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – On Monday morning, half a dozen people were in the emergency department at Trinity Health Saint Mary’s seeking treatment for a mental health crisis.

The wait to be placed with the right mental health facility or professional can sometimes take days, said Matt Biersack, president of Trinity Health Grand Rapids.

And it underscores the need for the new 24/7 behavioral health crisis center opening early 2024 that officials say will not only divert people in mental health crises from emergency departments and jails, but also quickly get them the treatment they need during a crisis.

“We have six patients in our emergency department this morning who are waiting for the right care and the right treatment for their mental health crisis,” Biersack said.

“They’re using the hospital emergency department to access those services, and we’re of course happy to help in any capacity we can, but

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With more than 2,000 participants and 208 teams, the Walk for Mental Health Awareness hosted by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Miami-Dade on Saturday, May 20 at Loan Depot Park raised funds for free support groups, peer mentoring, outreach and adult and youth educational programs and the Help Line.

“Considering this is only our second in person Walk event and the fact that the Walk continues to grow in attendance and fundraising, speaks to the tremendous need in our community,” according to NAMI Miami-Dade CEO & President, Susan Holtzman. “We are proud that we exceeded our fundraising goal of $275,000 by $50,000, because this will only enable NAMI’s continued growth in Miami-Dade and the Florida Keys. More is always needed. Donations remain open through June 15,” she said.

Statistics show the need for mental health resources in our community.  Approximately 1 in 5 people will experience a mental

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Cops need ‘urgent’ mental health training

Covid Lockdown Blackdown

A report into the NSW Police Force’s critical incident investigations recommends urgent training for officers so they can better respond and help those experiencing a mental health crisis. Picture: Toby Zerna

A report into the NSW Police Force’s critical incident investigations recommends urgent training for officers so they can better respond and help those experiencing a mental health crisis.

The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) report, released on Tuesday, covers five years of independent monitoring of the force’s critical incident investigations.

The investigations are launched whenever there is a serious injury or death in an incident involving a police officer, such as a police shooting or use of force on a suspect in custody.

Covid Lockdown Blackdown

Police critical incidents occur when someone involved with police is seriously injured or killed. Picture: Toby Zerna

The report used 17 incidents as a case study, all of which occurred since July 2017.

The report

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Lompoc partners with National Center for Safe Supportive Schools to promote student well-being | Education

Lompoc Unified School District has partnered with the National Center for Safe Supportive Schools alongside 15 other school districts in the country to promote safe campuses with elevated mental health support systems and measures to ensure equity among students and staff.

LUSD Assistant Superintendent of Education Services, Brian Jaramillo, said because social-emotional learning is an essential aspect of education, the district is excited to join the collaborative in an effort to help students better achieve their goals.

“Lompoc Unified School District is thankful for this opportunity to partner with the National Center for Safe Supportive Schools so that all students and staff feel safe physically, emotionally, and mentally,” he added.

Dubbed “NCS3,” the collaborative network which teams with school districts around the nation will guide a second wave of 16 participants through a two-year learning process that addresses how schools can better promote equity and well-being for all students and

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AANHPI ‘Ohana Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health

Mental Health Acceptance Month continues on Living808 with a visit from the AANHPI ʻOhana Center of Excellence. ʻOhana CoE will take a strength-based approach in addressing systemic issues that affect the mental health of NHPI and Asian communities. They serve as a central location for technical assistance and offer live and recorded in-language and culturally appropriate presentations on behavioral health data, community toolkits, and tailored workshops for Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, and Asian American communities.

Lilinoe Kauahikaua the program Manager, Papa Ola Lōkahi joined John Veneri on the show to talk more about it.

“As the Pacific is not monolithic, it is vital that we provide and support intersectional approaches that highlight the different indigenous/native ways of knowing and frameworks. We will address data and programmatic aggregation and lift the many voices of NHPI communities to assure equitable representation in discussions about health and well-being, especially when addressing substance use

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Mental Health Monday: Newly formed Lander Community Veterans Resource Center group aims to help Vets in need

(Lander, WY) – Mental Health Monday, the weekly segment on KOVE 1330 AM / 107.7 FM’s Coffee Time hosted by Vince Tropea, returned today with guests Michael Tanner, the Executive Director for the newly formed Lander Community Veterans Resource Center, and Lorie Tanner, an administrative assistant and organizer for the group.

Tanner, an Air Force Veteran who also serves as the local and district Chaplain for the American Legion, formed the Lander Community Veterans Resource Center after suffering a massive, debilitating stroke a few years ago.

Despite overwhelming support from the community, Tanner saw firsthand the need for resources and access to information when he was evicted from his residence following the stroke, and knew that he didn’t want other Veterans to end up in the same predicament.

Following strides in his (still ongoing) recovery, Tanner then got the ball rolling on forming the Lander Community Veterans Resource Center.


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Valleywise Health makes strides, recognizes Mental Health Awareness Month

As we recognize May as Mental Health Awareness Month, I’m honored to share with you the significant strides Valleywise Health is making to increase access to behavioral health services to our community.

We began this essential role in 1978, when Valleywise opened a 92-bed behavioral health annex on our main campus at 24th and Roosevelt streets. Today, our organization has 433 licensed behavioral health beds across three hospitals, an Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program, a First Episode Center for young adults early in the course of schizophrenia and a Behavioral Health Specialty Clinic in Mesa.

Valleywise Health, <a href=mental health, ” width=”274″ height=”274″ srcset=”https://azcapitoltimes.com/files/2023/05/Purves-WEB.png 344w, https://azcapitoltimes.com/files/2023/05/Purves-WEB-300×300.png 300w, https://azcapitoltimes.com/files/2023/05/Purves-WEB-100×100.png 100w, https://azcapitoltimes.com/files/2023/05/Purves-WEB-160×160.png 160w, https://azcapitoltimes.com/files/2023/05/Purves-WEB-265×265.png 265w, https://azcapitoltimes.com/files/2023/05/Purves-WEB-125×125.png 125w, https://azcapitoltimes.com/files/2023/05/Purves-WEB-142×142.png 142w, https://azcapitoltimes.com/files/2023/05/Purves-WEB-150×150.png 150w, https://azcapitoltimes.com/files/2023/05/Purves-WEB-110×110.png 110w, https://azcapitoltimes.com/files/2023/05/Purves-WEB-50×50.png 50w” sizes=”(max-width: 274px) 100vw, 274px”/
Steve Purves

We’re expanding even more to serve our youth, adults and families:
• Integrated Behavioral Health – Since its inception in June 2017, our

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