Medical trauma in rural areas

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – For the millions of Americans who live in rural areas, there are benefits to being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s quiet, it’s clean and you may have some space between you and your neighbors.

However, about 25% of all Americans live more than an hour away from a trauma center by helicopter.

A car crash, bike accident, sports collision – they all can cause serious injuries that may need specialized medical attention. For emergency medical crews in rural areas, it’s a tough call.

“One is to drive them to their local community hospital that’s not a trauma center,” said Dr. Joshua Brown. “The other is to call for a medical helicopter to transport to trauma center.”

Brown and his colleagues studies the outcomes of 37,000 severely injured patients transported to emergency rooms by helicopter or ambulance. The research shows

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New cancer center construction underway

BALTIMORE — A new spot to treat cancer patients is being built in Baltimore.

Today, Lifebridge Health broke ground on a 125-thousand square foot building.

The Mandy and Dennis Weinman Cancer Building will put all outpatient cancer services under one roof.

Those services will be for children and adults.

One doctor says the consolidation will improve patient care compared to how they get cancer therapy now.

“This may require patients to receive their infusion therapy couple 1,000 feet that way, and then travel this way to have their radiation therapy. And you can imagine that’s long, can be 10 minutes to transfer from one part of the facility to the other. And that can be really, challenging for patients, especially when you’re trying to, go through cancer therapy. The Weinman Cancer Building will change all of this, bringing together all the caregivers and support services in one place,” said

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