Retirement could kill you if you don’t start exercising. Try these 6 expert tips to launch a healthy habit.

You know you need to do it, and you promise to start tomorrow. But the road from the sofa to the gym, pool or yoga studio can prove insurmountable when the day dawns. You’re just not into exercise. And you’re not alone.

Only about one in five adults exercise regularly, and that number drops to 12% for people over age 65. Working adults say the main barrier is lack of time. But having more free time, combined with a lack of structure in retirement, can also make committing to exercise a challenge.

“People’s schedules up until retirement have a lot of activity built in,” said Dr. Katie Hill, chief medical officer of Nudj Health, a Pasadena-based company that works with physicians to improve the health of older patients. 

“You’re walking to and from the car, walking around the office, getting out from your desk, going to meetings, going to

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People don’t exercise, eat healthy because they feel ‘too tired,’ poll says

Fatigue and low motivation are both leading factors as to why people say they don’t lead healthier lifestyles according to a new survey.

A 2023 online poll of 2,086 adults from the United Kingdom by YouGov on behalf of the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) was published Wednesday. That poll asked people what it was that prevented them from eating healthier and being more physically active.

“Lacking motivation” (38%) and “feeling too tired” (35%) were given as the top reasons why adults in the UK were not making changes to their eating and exercise habits, the poll says.

Adding to this, poll results nearly half (48%) of “younger people” (aged 25 to 34) answered “feeling too tired” as their reason while less than a quarter (23%) of those over the age of 55 said the same.

More women (40%) than men (29%) said that “feeling too tired”

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Your Healthy Family: Basic fitness

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May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, aimed at raising awareness about the many health benefits of physical activity. The Office on Disease Prevention and Health Promotion celebrates National Physical Fitness and Sports Month to also encourage people to get active using the Move Your Way® resources [] and interactive Move Your Way Activity Planner []. It’s also a great time to support youth sports participation using the National Youth Sports Strategy []. Don’t forget to check out these Healthy People 2030 physical activity evidence-based resources [] you can implement in your community. Lastly, share our list of MyHealthfinder tips [] to help people live healthier lives through increased physical activity.

I spoke with Kevin Roberts, who is a licensed athletic trainer and the manager of

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