It’s ‘Been Life Changing’ (Exclusive)

“I still go to bed early, but having one less daily obligation opens up so much brain space,” Seacrest tells PEOPLE exclusively while chatting about his new partnership with Health-Ade

Presley Ann/Getty

Presley Ann/Getty

Gone are the days of bicoastal living for Ryan Seacrest!

The American Idol host — who in addition to his Idol duties co-hosted Live for six years with Kelly Ripa before leaving the show on April 14 — tells PEOPLE what his morning routine looks like now, and how his life has changed since he exited the syndicated ABC daytime series.

“One of the things that I’ve done in the last two months is I’ve slept in the same time zone. I have not done that over a period of two weeks in six years,” says Seacrest, 48, while promoting his new multi-year partnership with Health-Ade Kombucha.

Seacrest famously flew back and forth between New

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