How silent retreats can improve your mental health

If you follow wellness trends on social media, you may have noticed more and more influencers promoting “silent retreats” (or silence retreats) recently. In stark opposition to the bustling and luxury label-filled Dubai vacations that many influencers love to detail, these stays are a totally different kind of escape. Before you sign up for one, remember the main principle is that speaking is completely forbidden. So what’s the objective of these kinds of retreats? Experts and fans say it allows a guest to focus on oneself, meditate, take time for reflection and above all, to fully disconnect from everything else.

Press pause on speaking in order to find peace and tranquillity. That’s the golden rule of “silent retreats,” sojourns that take place in quiet, even isolated places, for a period lasting from a few days to several weeks. During a silent retreat, guests renounce the use of their phones, social

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