Tammy Hembrow flaunts ‘mum tum’ after backlash for unrealistic post-partum body

A fitness influencer who was slammed for setting an unrealistic standard for new mums appears to have clapped back at critics with a revealing new bikini video.

Tammy Hembrow came under fire for flaunting her six pack and slender figure to promote her fitness app just 10 months after welcoming her third child last week.

While the 29-year-old hasn’t officially commented on the backlash, she’s since shared a new video that shows her grabbing at her stomach and bending over to show little flesh rolls.

Fans of the fitness star, who has almost 17 million followers on Instagram, have been quick to commend Hembrow for sharing her “mummy tummy”.

“I love that you’re showing all of it! Let’s be proud and healthy even if our bodies are not the same,” one commended.

“The reality of having a flat tummy post partum but the skin is still there,” another applauded.


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I’m a gym girl – I lost 70lbs and look completely different, if you don’t like your body, change it

A GYMGOER has revealed her jaw-dropping transformation after shedding 70 pounds.

The fitness fan inspired others by encouraging people to make healthy changes.

Mya is a digital content creator and fitness enthusiast who inspires others to get in shape


Mya is a digital content creator and fitness enthusiast who inspires others to get in shapeCredit: TIKTOK/@thee._baddest07

Mya (@thee._baddest07) showed her before photo in a candid video posted to TikTok.

She replied to a comment from a previous video.

“Damn you even lost weight in your face,” read the text in the video.

She wore an oversized white T-shirt while posing for the camera.

“265 pounds,” read the text over the screen, referring to her starting weight.

Then, in a video transition, she showed her current physical state.

“195 pounds,” read the text.

She looked significantly slimmer, rocking a multi-colored crop top with matching bottoms.

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She had an inspirational message for viewers looking to

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