Woman trying Michael Mosley’s Fast 800 diet for a week ‘couldn’t believe results’

Nutrition know-all Michael Mosley has helped many shed weight with his famous plans such as the 5:2 diet.

The expert has appeared on various TV shows explaining his methods, introducing the 5:2 diet in a 2012 documentary Eat, Fast and Live Longer. The diet requires slimmers to limit calories to around 500 to 600 for two days of the week, with the remaining five of seven days routine food days.

The diet expert has also released another intermittent fasting-based diet called the Fast 800 that permits slimmers to eat around 800 calories per day. To find out whether the diet really works one WalesOnline reporter decided to give it a bash for a week, documenting the results.

Lydia Stephens felt as though she’d ‘hit the reset button’(Image: Grant Royce Photography)

Health editor Lydia Stephens explained that she gained weight over lockdown and like many others has struggled to shift it every since.

“By January 2023, my BMI was borderline obese”, she explained.

With limited energy and no motivation to exercise – becoming out of breath even on walk – Lydia decided it was time to make a change at the turn of the year, shedding just over 20lbs since.

Now her BMI is just slightly in the overweight category. And in order to boost her progress some more, she gave the Fast 800 diet a go for one week.

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