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WORTHINGTON — Let’s be totally honest for a moment, when we hear someone talk about or recommend exercise, what do you picture in your mind?

Most of us will see someone dripping with sweat, exhausted, barely able to get off the floor, right? Pictures of Duane “The Rock” Johnson, Tae Bo Billy Blanks, Richard Simmons, or your favorite YouTube Pilates instructor’s workouts might come to mind depending on your era of reference.

Now I am going to recommend you erase thoughts like that from your mind as we take in some information about the value of “becoming more active” when it comes to our plan to deal with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes risks.

If exercise or being active has not been a part of your daily routine of late, a realistic key to success is to make small incremental changes. The quickest way to become frustrated and “throw in

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Red Deerians gather to share concerns about health care system and ways to fix it

About 140 Red Deerians who wanted to share ideas to help fix Alberta’s health care system attended a public engagement session on Thursday led by Alberta Health.

Participants were divided into groups to talk about problems with health care, offer ideas, as well as learn about the province’s plan to streamline Alberta Health Services and create different organizations to oversee acute care, primary care, continuing care, and mental health and addictions.

A participant, who spoke to the Advocate following the session, was concerned that public health was left out of the government’s new multi-organization plan.

“Public health is more than COVID and immunization. Decreasing smoking in society, that was driven by public health, same for car seats. All of that’s been left out,” she said.

At her table, there was also a lot of distrust about the impact of public engagement sessions, she said.

“I believe that change is

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16 Creative Ways To Use Extra Ice Cream Cones

Waffle cone and other desserts

Waffle cone and other desserts – Static Media/Shutterstock/Getty

Ice cream has a long, storied history that dates back more than 4,000 years. However, ice cream cones are a relatively new invention. Italian immigrant Italo Marchiony created the first modern ice cream cone in 1896 and patented it in 1903.

But the ice cream cone has a more serendipitous origin story, too. Around the same time, a Syrian man named Ernest Hamwi had a concession stand at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. Legend says he was selling zalabis, a fried dough pastry similar to funnel cakes, next to a popular ice cream vendor who ran out of bowls. In a moment of ingenuity, Hamwi rolled one of his confections into a cone and the neighboring vendor filled it with ice cream. Customers from all over the world were thrilled by the newfound treat!

After the event, Hamwi established the Cornucopia

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6 Ways Smoking Affects Your Body Other Than Lung Damage

6 Ways Smoking Affects Your Body Other Than Damaging Your Lung Health

Smoking is an extremely harmful habit that affects your health in several ways. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), tobacco use claims about 80 lakh lives every year, including an estimated 10.3 lakh non-smokers who are exposed to second-hand smoking.

While smoking is the leading cause of lung diseases, contributing to more than 80% of lung cancer and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) cases worldwide, it can also impact other organs in the body, leading to various complications. Let’s take a look at the seven most common effects of smoking.

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Heart Disease Risk

Smoking is one of the biggest risk factors for heart disease. As per a 2020 news release by the WHO, 10.9 lakh people die from tobacco-induced heart disease each year. This is equal to one in five of all deaths from

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‘Fresh start effect’: Expert tips to reach your health and fitness goals

With the new year in full swing, Dr Mosima Mabunda shares how you can become the healthiest version of yourself, with a few simple tips by experts from the Discovery Vitality team. 

As the new year unfolds, it offers us a blank canvas for a fresh start. Many individuals discover that beginning something new or approaching tasks with renewed vigour is easier during a new week, a fresh month, or after celebrating a birthday.

This phenomenon, known as the ‘fresh start effect’, grants us a clean slate – a chance to leave past setbacks behind and recommit to our aspirations. So, muster the courage to take that first step, begin with small strides, build upon them, and persevere.

Coach Peteni Kuzwayo’s story shows the power of fresh starts.

Peteni, who is the Team Vitality Club manager, once stood exactly where many of us find ourselves at some point – out

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Reinforcing the diverse ways people access seafood can ensure healthy communities in the face of change

Indeed, the results showed that access to seafood markets was the key mechanism mediating seafood access in Kiribati, outpacing other drivers such as occupation, education, capital and technology.

“Market access is important for policy moving forward,” Eurich said. “Specifically, ensuring equitable access to markets is key.”

As they followed the seafood, the researchers noted a somewhat hidden pattern as well, something that would not have been obvious from a more conventional food system analysis.

“We were surprised to see that high seafood consumption households tended not to use formal markets and cash-based means and instead relied on home production and bartering for seafood acquisition,” Eurich said. 

While households in general used combinations of strategies to acquire seafood, the highest seafood consumers tended to use the market the least. These populations included giftees in urban areas, pointing to the social, non-market aspect of seafood acquisition, as well as members of

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National Toothache Day 2024: Expert Shares 8 Tips for Everyday Dental Health

National Toothache Day 2024: Expert Shares 8 Tips for Everyday Dental Health

On February 9, 2024, we observe National Toothache Day, a day that might seem unusual to celebrate but serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of oral health in our lives. Dental practitioners, organisations, and educators collaborate on this day to highlight the prevalence of toothaches and emphasise the importance of routine dental care.

Tips for Everyday Dental Health

We spoke to our expert Prof. (Dr.) M. Siddharth, Dean, School of Dental Sciences, Sharda University, to share a few tips for everyday dental care to ensure optimal oral health and prevent toothaches. Here are some essential tips to incorporate into your daily routine:

1. Daily Brushing

Make it a habit to brush your teeth at least twice a day, ideally in the morning and before bedtime. Brushing for a minimum of two minutes and covering all surfaces of your teeth thoroughly helps tackle most oral care issues.


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Sport legend steps down amid health battle

Legendary sports broadcaster, David Morrow, has stepped down from on air duties to receive treatment for recently diagnosed brain cancer. Picture: Mark Levy/X

Legendary sports broadcaster, David Morrow, has stepped down from on air duties to receive treatment for recently diagnosed brain cancer. Picture: Mark Levy/X

A radio broadcasting legend will step down from on air duties after a recent cancer diagnosis.

Speaking on 2GB on Friday, Ray Hadley revealed iconic sports broadcaster David Morrow has been diagnosed with brain cancer and will step down from his role on the radio’s Continuous Call Team indefinitely.

Hadley confirmed Morrow, often known as “Thirsty”, will take the time away from broadcasting and commentary duties to focus on cancer treatment and spend time with his loved ones.

Legendary sports broadcaster, David Morrow (far left), will step down from on <a href=air duties after he was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. Picture: Mark Levy/X” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTU0MA–/″/Legendary sports broadcaster, David Morrow (far left), will step down from on air duties after he was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. Picture: Mark Levy/X

Legendary sports broadcaster, David Morrow (far left), will step down from on air duties after he was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. Picture: Mark Levy/X

“David and the family decided they wanted me to

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4 Ways Hearing Aids Can Improve Your Overall Health

Recent research funded by the National Institutes of Health and led by Frank Lin, M.D., of Johns Hopkins University studied nearly 1,000 people ages 70 to 84 who had significant hearing loss. The study participants were randomly assigned to two groups: One received hearing aids and were taught how to use them. The second group — the control — was enrolled in a health education program. 

The study found that those who wore hearing aids, not surprisingly, reported a substantial uptick in communication abilities, according to results published in 2023 in The Lancet.

When the researchers looked at all 1,000 participants over the three-year period, they didn’t see that hearing aids made a difference in their memory or thinking skills but, notably, when they analyzed a group at higher risk for dementia, they found that the hearing aids cut their risk of cognitive decline nearly in half. 


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Travel Activities That Can Improve Your Health

Wellness in travel is nothing new, but certain adventure activities—like scuba diving—are getting their turn in the spotlight. “Scuba divers benefit from a boost of vitamin D, become more conscious of their breath, enhance their fitness levels, improve their quality of sleep, and become connected with a like-minded community,” says Julie Andersen Global Senior Director of Brand for PADI Worldwide.

Andersen explains how diving in salt water can improve your health.

Saltwater Rejuvenates You

Thanks to the high magnesium levels in saltwater, being in or near the ocean will help regulate your muscles and nerve functionality, moderate blood sugar levels and improve your sleep. Magnesium is a critical element in our bodies, and one many people are deficient in.

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